Satin Lining

Really, Really Large!

Our CEO developed the idea as she struggled to shower wearing two shower caps at times that were always too gaudy or too frilly. We evaluated the market and determined there was a need to serve our ever more diverse society. Spending more than a year in development and design, we attended to every detail down to the inclusion of the toggle allowing for maximum size personalization.We recognize that users can benefit from this one of a kind hair cover due to its adjustable nature.  This Extra Large, durable and adjustable shower cap allows users of any ethnicity and any hair type to shower with no worries.  

Elastic Toggle


No More Granny Shower Caps!

(Even if you ARE a Granny)

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We directed specific attention to Satin Dream's STYLE, DESIGN & FUNCTION 


A Shower cap

Made for you!

Best Shower Cap - Perfect Combination Of Quality And Design

Get The Protection You Need For Your Hair Now!

​Meet the ONLY Extra Large with Adjustable Drawstring Shower Cap (Patent Pending) - Exclusive to YOU. 

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Contemporary, Understated
Graphic Design

Where'd This Idea Come From Anyway? .....Necessity Is The Mother of Invention

Introducing.... The Simply Elegant

Satin Dream Luxury Shower Cap​ (Patent Pending)