Two Contemporary Styles to Choose From!

Each of our purse hangers are nestled in an embossed onyx box. To facilitate easy transfer from purse to purse we provide a complementary velvet satchel. The satchel also serves to protect the hook from scratches and scuffs that may occur if left unprotected in your handbag.  Unique to our brand is the free cleaning cloth also provided in the kit. You can use it to remove everything from finger print smudges to food particles.

Makes the Perfect Gift for You or Someone You Care About!

Simply Elegant's pocketbook hooks offer the perfect solution allowing you to hang your handbag keeping it safe and clean. Setting your purse down can pose a security risk and placing it on the floor can decrease the value making it dirty and stained. Our purse hangers are unobtrusive and unlike the competition our oval style is able to fit most standard sized tables. 


introducing our stylish & functional purse hooks...

No More Wondering Where To Place Your Purse When You Go Out.