​A shower cap with functionality and style! It's time to have a shower cap you won't have to replace- it's so nice it even makes a good gift idea for bridesmaids and friends. Protect your expensive hairstyle for special occasions such as weddings, proms and graduations. You spend all this money at a salon for the perfect style- use our Satin Dream Showercap to help you keep it! The cap is made of EVA which is better for the environment and your health than PVC (the material many other caps are made of). Our shower cap is uniquely designed to accommodate extra large hair styles. When you receive the cap it will be extended to full size- simply use the draw string to adjust to the size you desire.​

Satin Dream- Water Proof Shower Cap By Simply Elegant X-Large and Extra Cute​

We are continuously thinking of products that will add to your life in an interesting and unique way. Our products are perfect as gifts as it will be guaranteed the recipient will exclaim, "I always wanted one of these!"  The wine kit and mugs are just two of the exciting offerings coming down the pipe for Holiday Season 2015. Check back frequently for more details and special offer codes to our loyal customers. 

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